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Focused on creating small batch, high quality beer, Quantum Brewing opened its doors in 2014 in central San Diego, aka craft beer paradise. In 2016, biochemist Martin Beaulieu took a leap of faith by trading in his 20-year biotech stint to take on the reins of Quantum.

Beer and science always went hand-in-hand for Martin, who was born a French Canadian. Dating back 25 years ago, his biochemistry professor proposed a challenge to develop an enzymatic assay with a $100 budget. Martin purchased his first home-brew kit and successfully created an alcohol dehydrogenase based test to measure alcohol in beer.

With his knack for optimizing everything, Martin in more recent years took on a new hobby when he began growing 7 types of hops in his back yard in southeastern Canada. Summer was a glorious time as the hops plants grew multiple inches a day, raising the eyebrows of neighbors. After harvesting the hops cones, Martin discovered true gourmet beer bliss after incorporating fresh hops to his home brews. He has concocted several recipes throughout the years, perfecting them each time. Today at Quantum, he aims to continuously improve recipes to attain the perfect balance of bitterness, flavor and aroma.

Martin Beaulieu, PhD
CEO and Master Brewer at Quantum Brewing

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Biochemist applies science to brewing tastier beer

What makes a good beer? Flavor, skill and a doctorate in biochemistry.

Martin Beaulieu, CEO and head brewer at Quantum Brewing, believes that science, though not immediately obvious, plays a role in many aspects of life.

In 2016, he purchased the science-themed nano-brewery in Kearny Mesa. It seemed like a natural fit for the biochemist: barley stored in beakers, portraits of famous scientists on the walls, beers with names like Solar Flare, Hadron Collider and Singularity Stout.

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