If you want to enhance your home party or make your event memorable with true craft beer style, kegs are the way to do it. Bring 5 or more gallons of fresh craft beer to an event or into your home and start working on that invite list. You can hook our kegs up to a home kegerator, or rent the dispensing equipment from us. Give us a call ahead of time as availability of kegs may vary.

Most offerings will be available to the public in 1/6 barrels (5 gallons), and 1/2 barrels (15 gallons). All keg orders should be reserved at least 4 days in advance. Dispensing equipment can also be rented.  For a quote, contact Martin Beaulieu at or (858) 254-6481 .

KEG PRICING 15 Gallons 5 Gallons
Anti-Matter, Fissile Material, Chain Reaction, Project 71, Ginger Chain (IPAs) $290.00 $140.00
Yellow Cake (Double IPA) $340.00 $160.00
Hadron Collider (Bavarian Wheat) $210.00 $110.00
Pale’s Constant (Pale Ale) $280.00 $140.00
Singularity (Oatmeal Stout) $210.00 $110.00
Solar Flare (Blood orange Bavarian Wheat) $250.00 $130.00
Planck’s Pepper (Habanero Pale) $340.00 $160.00
650 nanometers (Red Ale) $225.00 $115.00
Boron Brown (Brown Ale) $210.00 $110.00
Cappuccino Brown (Brown Ale) $250.00 $120.00
Project 99 (Dry Dark Brown Ale) $210.00 $110.00
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